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About Chronometer Check

How It Started

Hey! I'm Anthony, the founder of Chronometer Check.

In 2019, I launched a watch review channel to share my obsession.... Uh, I mean my 'passion', to prove that great watches don’t have to break the bank.

Over the years, we’ve grown a thriving community of over 350,000 watch lovers across social platforms.

Core Mission

My mission is to help watch enthusiasts like you personalize your collection, no matter your budget, or where you are along your journey.

To help compliment your favorite timepiece and take your collection to the next level, I’ve introduced a small collection of hand-picked watch straps in the new Chronometer Check shop.


These aren’t just any straps. 

I’m only including the best of the best, including my top picks after wearing and testing hundreds over the past several years.  

Why Choose C.C. Straps?


I only stock straps that I would personally wear, and have chosen many for my personal watch collection over the years.

I Obsess Over The Details (So You Don’t Have To)

Having worn hundreds of different straps, I know the importance of craftsmanship and details.

Top-grain leather from world-renowned tanneries feels worlds apart from generic “genuine” leather. I’ve paid careful consideration to each strap’s materials, thickness, taper, stitching color and size, edge finishing, and even their lining. 

Support New Watch Content & Gear

Each purchase fuels the creation of new watch content on social media, and the development of exciting new watch gear.

Thank You For Being a Part of the Journey!

- Anthony