Water Resistance on Watches (Everything You Need to Know)

What is Water Resistance Rating? Water resistance rating is the maximum depth of water pressure that a watch can safely be submerged into without damage.  Water resistance is tested by the manufacturer at the time the watch is made. It may also be written on the dial. Is Water Resistance Permanent? The water resistance rating … Read more

Orient Neo70s Panda Chronograph Review

Orient Neo 70s Panda Dial Watch on stock oyster bracelet

When considering different options for the best budget panda chronograph, there were a few that kept popping up in my search. I came across this beauty, the Orient Neo70s, (model wv0041tx), a solar chronograph with a meca-quartz movement, and a gorgeous panda dial. The Neo70s runs on the Orient KBS00 movement is well-proportioned, with a diameter … Read more