Can You Wear a Watch in the Shower?

Whether you’re testing the limits of a new dive watch, or you’ve found yourself somewhere with a shared bathroom, and you don’t want to leave your watch unattended, it can be tempting to keep your watch on in the shower. Let’s find out if you should, and what that might do to your watch. No, … Read more

Hacking and Hand-Winding Watch Movements (Are they Really Necessary?)

Hacking and hand-winding are two terms often used to describe features in some mechanical watch movements. In short, hacking allows you to set the watch’s second hand in addition to the minute and hour hand. When pulling out the crown to set the time, the second hand stops completely. This allows you to more accurately … Read more

Don’t Buy an Orient Bambino Before Reading This

The Orient Bambino is generally regarded as one of the best affordable automatic dress watches currently on the market. Its elegant charm and modern execution are rare to find at this price point. The movement inside is made in-house by Orient themselves, again rare in entry-level watches. It’s quite affordable and has the styling of … Read more