What is An Homage Watch?


Homage watches are one of the most polarizing topics in the watch community. They can also be pretty confusing to understand, at first.  Today we’re going to be covering a few things about homage watches such as the difference between a homage watch and a replica watch. Is a homage a fake watch? And most … Read more

The Best Watch Straps for A Hot Summer

Wearing the wrong watch strap in the warmer months can be uncomfortable at best, and a sweaty mess.  I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, I promise.  Summer is the time to ditch your leather straps and opt for some ‘cooler’ options, both literally and figuratively. Here are some of the best types of watch … Read more

Grant Cardone’s Watch Collection

Multi-millionaire real estate investor, ‘#1 sales trainer in the world’ and New York Times bestselling author, Grant Cardone has quite a serious watch collection. As you might expect, Grant has watches that are some serious heavy hitters. Any one of them costs more than my entire humble collection.  He definitely has a distinct style – … Read more

What is a Sports Watch?

What is a sports watch?

If you’re looking for a watch to play sports with, you might’ve heard the term ‘sports watch’ being thrown around. The categories and types of different watches can often be vague. So, what exactly is a sports watch? Sports Watch Definition A sports watch is defined as a highly functional, durable and usually water-resistant watch. … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Orient Bambino

The Orient Bambino is generally regarded as one of the best affordable automatic dress watches currently on the market. Its elegant charm and modern execution are rare to find at this price point. The movement inside is made in-house by Orient themselves, again rare in entry-level watches. It’s readily available and affordable online on retailers … Read more