Seiko SRPB43 Presage Cocktail Time Review

seiko presage cocktail time srpb43 4r35 movement caseback (2)

In 2010, Seiko released the SARB065 “Cocktail Time”, a cool dress watch with an exotic dial as part of the beloved SARB lineup. The SARB065 was only released to the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), but after its wild success, Seiko decided to release a series of similar affordable models, like the Seiko SRPB43 Presage, years … Read more

Best Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Alternatives (Now That The SKX Has Been Discontinued)

seiko skx

The Seiko SKX009 & SKX007 are some of the most popular dive watches in the world. Widely recognized as one of the best affordable automatic dive watches on the market, the Seiko SKX had a near cult-like following. That is… Before their production were officially discontinued in 2019.  Since their discontinuation, Seiko has since launched … Read more

Seiko Alpinist Prospex SPB199J1 – Another Seiko Limited Release?!


Following the great success of the Seiko and Hodinkee collaboration of the US Limited Edition blue Alpinist SPB089, it looks like the Alpinist is going blue… Again. This time with yet another limited edition release, the Seiko Prospex SPB199J1. It appears like the recent release of the 2020 “Alpinists” being transitioned from the older Alpinist … Read more

Seiko 5 SNK809 Review – Still The Best Affordable Automatic Watch?

Seiko 5 SNK809 Review

WARNING… Be very cautious of buying any Seiko 5. Buying just one might lead you to an entire collection of mechanical watches. I know, because it happened to me…  – Anthony The Seiko 5 lineup is Seiko’s offering of entry-level mechanical watches.  They were my own personal entry point into mechanical watches, with my purchase … Read more

The Best Watch Straps For The Seiko SARB033 & SARB035


The Seiko SARB033 and SARB035 are some of Seiko’s best affordable watches ever made. While they have been discontinued in 2019, they’re still highly regarded in the watch community, and for good reason. The SARB033 in particular also happens to be one of my favorite watches in my collection. If you want to learn more … Read more

8 Alternatives to the Discontinued Seiko SARB033 & SARB035

Seiko SARB033 Case, dial, and Champfers

With the discontinuation of the Seiko SARB035 and SARB033, many watch collectors have continued to seek an alternative to this pair of extremely expensive-looking, yet affordable Japanese watches. While Seiko hasn’t necessarily announced a direct replacement to their SARB dress line, they’ve certainly released quite a few watches that are comparable – and even some … Read more

Seiko SARB033 Review (AKA the Baby Grand Seiko)

Seiko SARB033 Review

The Seiko SARB is a series of mostly affordable dress watches made for the Japanese domestic market. But that didn’t stop it from being sold in the US, and catching on like wildfire. You couldn’t search Seiko on social media without seeing watches like the Seiko SARB Presage Cocktail Time, SARB017 Alpinist, and especially not … Read more