Are Invicta Watches Good? (Honest Review)

Are Invicta Watches Good

Invicta watches are popular around the world for their large and bold. And to some, like myself, they have served as the gateway into a lifelong hobby of watch collecting. Yet, questionable business practices and some over-the-top designs have people wondering if the brand, and the watches they make, are any good. In short, yes, … Read more

12 Best Grand Seiko Watches That Are A Better Value Than Rolex


In 2017, Grand Seiko has announced its separation from Seiko, as an independent luxury watch brand focused on high-end watches. Grand Seiko watches are becoming increasingly more popular among watch enthusiasts for their: Detailed textured dial Hand-finished zaratsu polishing Spring Drive movement Completely in-house build Fantastic value While the Swiss competition for the growing Japanese … Read more

Casio MDV106 Review (Good Enough for Bill Gates…)


If you’ve been searching for an affordable dive watch you’ve almost certainly come across the Casio MDV106. Being one of the few true dive watches in this price range with 200 meters of water resistance, the MDV106 (nicknamed the ‘Duro’) has little competition. Its robustness and affordability make the MDV106 the perfect beater watch; perfect … Read more