Seiko SRPB43 Presage Cocktail Time Review

seiko presage cocktail time srpb43 4r35 movement caseback (2)

In 2010, Seiko released the SARB065 “Cocktail Time”, a cool dress watch with an exotic dial as part of the beloved SARB lineup. The SARB065 was only released to the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), but after its wild success, Seiko decided to release a series of similar affordable models, like the Seiko SRPB43 Presage, years … Read more

Seiko 5 SNK809 Review – Still The Best Affordable Automatic Watch?

Seiko 5 SNK809 Review

WARNING… Be very cautious of buying any Seiko 5. Buying just one might lead you to an entire collection of mechanical watches. I know, because it happened to me…  – Anthony The Seiko 5 lineup is Seiko’s offering of entry-level mechanical watches.  They were my own personal entry point into mechanical watches, with my purchase … Read more

Seiko SARB033 Review (AKA the Baby Grand Seiko)

Seiko SARB033 Review

The Seiko SARB is a series of mostly affordable dress watches made for the Japanese domestic market. But that didn’t stop it from being sold in the US, and catching on like wildfire. You couldn’t search Seiko on social media without seeing watches like the Seiko SARB Presage Cocktail Time, SARB017 Alpinist, and especially not … Read more

Orient Neo70s Panda Chronograph Review

Orient Neo 70s Panda Dial Watch on stock oyster bracelet

When considering different options for the best budget panda chronograph, there were a few that kept popping up in my search. I came across this beauty, the Orient Panda Neo70s, (model number wv0041tx), a solar chronograph with a meca-quartz movement and a gorgeous panda dial. Instantly, I was struck by the bug and had to have … Read more