Best Dive Watches – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dive watches are arguably some of the most influential watches of all time. In fact, it’s likely that when someone thinks of watches in general, the first one that pops into their mind is a dive watch that we’ve all seen before, the classic Rolex Submariner. While the popular Rolex diver is very well respected … Read more

Best Graduation Watches To Fit Any Budget

When I graduated from High School back in 2012, my parents bought me a gold Fossil watch. While not the “best” watch on the market, and not the type of watch I’d buy on my own, it marked a special time in my life and I absolutely loved my parents for it. It’s also the … Read more

Which Watch Should You Buy Your Groomsmen?

A buddy of mine from high school just got married! Can’t believe that dork finally found someone who will put up with his nonsense. Anyway, he decided he wanted to get the rest of the groomsmen and I a watch in celebration and as a reminder of his big day. After some brainstorming and research, … Read more