12 Best Grand Seiko Watches That Are A Better Value Than Rolex


In 2017, Grand Seiko announced its separation from Seiko, as an independent luxury watch brand focused on high-end watches. Grand Seiko watches are becoming increasingly popular among watch enthusiasts for their: While the Swiss competition for the growing Japanese brand is plentiful, few watches offer as much detail and craftsmanship at their respective price. Grand … Read more

7 Best Affordable Panda Dial Chronograph Watches

If you’ve spent some time searching for affordable panda dial chronographs, you might have learned your options are rather limited. That’s why I put together this buying guide of some of the best affordable (~under $500) panda dial watches on the market. Orient NEO 70s WV0041TX  The best budget panda dial chronograph is the Orient … Read more

Best Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Alternatives (Now That The SKX Has Been Discontinued)

seiko skx

The Seiko SKX009 & SKX007 are some of the most popular dive watches in the world. Widely recognized as one of the best affordable automatic dive watches on the market, the Seiko SKX had a near cult-like following. That is… Before their production were officially discontinued in 2019.  Since their discontinuation, Seiko has since launched … Read more