8 Alternatives to the Discontinued Seiko SARB033 & SARB035

Seiko SARB033 Case, dial, and Champfers

With the discontinuation of the Seiko SARB035 and SARB033, many watch collectors have continued to seek an alternative to this pair of extremely expensive-looking, yet affordable Japanese watches. While Seiko hasn’t necessarily announced a direct replacement to their SARB dress line, they’ve certainly released quite a few watches that are comparable – and even some … Read more

Water Resistance on Watches (Everything You Need to Know)

What is Water Resistance Rating? Water resistance rating is the maximum depth of water pressure that a watch can safely be submerged into without damage.  Water resistance is tested by the manufacturer at the time the watch is made. It may also be written on the dial. Is Water Resistance Permanent? The water resistance rating … Read more