Can I Wear My Watch In The Shower?

A question commonly asked among watch enthusiasts is ‘can I wear my watch in the shower?’. Whether you’re testing the limits of a new dive watch, or you’re just too lazy to take it off, it can be tempting to keep your automatic watch on in the shower. But can you? No. You should never … Read more

Why Are Vostok Watches So Affordable?

You may know of Vostok because of their unique take on the dive watch or seeing it catch some buzz after Bill Murray wore a Vostok Amphibia in the film “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” Or it might’ve just been the endless amounts of praise from their near cult-like following. Regardless, Vostok is one … Read more

19 Beginner Watch Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Getting immersed in the world of mechanical watches can be both exciting and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, which is part of what makes watches so fascinating but also can be daunting to a beginner watch buyer.  Here are 19 beginner watch buying mistakes to avoid.  1. Fashion Brands A fashion watch is a … Read more

Which Watch Should You Take on Vacation?

Ahhh… The bright sun kissing your skin, sand between your toes and a mechanical timepiece ticking away on your wrist. Nothing better. If you’re planning a trip, the thought of not bringing a timepiece with you is a crazy one. So how do you decide which watch you should take on vacation? Well, first… Why … Read more

A Look at the Watches Joe Rogan Wears

Many photos have surfaced of podcaster, comedian, UFC commentator and former host of the reality show ‘Fear Factor’, Joe Rogan, wearing watches of all sorts. He wears mostly G-Shocks, presumably for their durability, functionality, and lack of pretension. Recently, however, he’s been spotted mixing up what he wears on his wrist. He has even been … Read more

Parnis Rose Gold Yachtmaster Review

The Rolex Yachtmaster rose gold is a watch that has always appealed to me. It’s sporty, luxurious and beautiful, looks great on men and women, and best of all, it only costs about $20,000. Wait… Did you just say… 20,000… Dollars? American, human dollars? That’s right. If you’re like me and experienced a bit of sticker … Read more

Best Dive Watches – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dive watches are arguably some of the most influential watches of all time. In fact, it’s likely that when someone thinks of watches in general, the first one that pops into their mind is a dive watch that we’ve all seen before, the classic Rolex Submariner. While the popular Rolex diver is very well respected … Read more

Best Graduation Watches To Fit Any Budget

When I graduated from High School back in 2012, my parents bought me a gold Fossil watch. While not the “best” watch on the market, and not the type of watch I’d buy on my own, it marked a special time in my life and I absolutely loved my parents for it. It’s also the … Read more