The 78 Best Seiko Watches (From Seiko 5 to Grand Seiko)

Best Seiko Watches - From Seiko 5 to Grand Seiko

Seiko is one of the most popular watch brands in the world, and for a good reason. They offer some of the best value-for-money watches at just about every price point. The affordable, entry-level Seiko 5 punches way above its weight, while the luxury-level Grand Seiko is just as good (or even better!) than similarly … Read more

Chronometer and COSC Watches Explained

What is a Chronometer or COSC Watch

Did you come across a chronometer watch? You might be wondering how it’s different from a regular wristwatch. A chronometer watch is required to meet specific accuracy requirements in various tests. For a mechanical watch to a chronometer, it must measure a daily average accuracy within -4 to +6 seconds per day during testing. Quartz … Read more