Seiko 6R35 Movement Guide

The Seiko 6R35 is an automatic movement found in various Seiko Prospex and Presage watches. It is an upgraded version of the 6R15 with an improved power reserve.  It features 24 jewels, a 70-hour power reserve, and accuracy rated at -15/+25 seconds per day. Seiko 6R35 Specifications Manufacturer Seiko Caliber 6R35, 6R35A Movement Type Automatic … Read more

Seiko NH36 Movement (EVERYTHING You Need To Know)

Seiko NH36/NH36A Movement Diagram

The Seiko NH36 movement is an unbranded version of their 4R36 movement, identical in accuracy, build, and performance. Seiko sells the NH36 to third parties instead of using it in their watches.  The NH36 movement has 24 jewels, a 41-hour power reserve, 21,600 BPH, and an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds per day. It … Read more

How to Properly Wind a Mechanical Watch

Winding a Mechanical Watch

Some of the most expensive and sought-after watches in the world are mechanical watches. Unlike watches with batteries, mechanical watches are powered through a series of springs and gears that are tightened when wound and slowly release energy into the watch over time. To wind your mechanical watch, you’ll need to rotate the crown, typically … Read more

What is a Meca-Quartz Watch, And Should You Get One?

What is a Meca-Quartz Watch?

There are two popular types of watch movements used to power watches, quartz and mechanical. But there’s another that combines the best of both movements. A Meca-Quartz watch movement combines the accuracy and reliability of a battery-powered quartz movement with the snappy, mechanical feel, and smooth sweeping second hand of a chronograph. In this article, … Read more

The 23 Best Watches for Nurses (Pulsometers, Fob Watches, and More!)

The Best Watches For Nurses - From Smartwatches to Fob Watches and Everything In Between

When reading vitals, following up on labs, or doing other time-sensitive work in a medical setting, the right watch can be a nurse’s best friend. What features are important in a watch for nurses, and which watches offer the precision, reliability, and legibility you need in a fast-paced clinical environment? We’ve tested a ton of … Read more

Orient Watches Brand Review – Are Orient Watches Good?

Are Orient Watches Good - Honest Brand Review

When searching for an affordable automatic watch, you’ve likely come across the Japanese watch brand Orient. Are Orient watches as good a value as people say? Are their watches, the movements they use, and their prices competitive, or are they just another overhyped brand? Let’s break it down. Are Orient Watches Good? Orient is a … Read more